[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Translation of back of Kleeman photo part 2

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The rest of the translation from back of photo:


On the left side:
> "Abs. Wilhelmine Klehmann
> Ko"nigsberger Str. 1
> Flu"chtlingsheim ....  ...."

Abs. above probably means "Absender",, that is "from Wilhelmine Klehmann, 
with address Koenigsberger Street 1, Fluechtlilngsheim ...  ...  where 
Fluechtlingsheim means a home for the displaced, refugee.  The last two 
words after Fluechtlingsheim would indicate the name of this refugee center 
or place - I can't read the old German to provide a proper transcription - 
perhaps someone else can by looking at the link above.

Ken Powell

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> Here's an attempt of the translation into English of the German 
> translation of old German writing below, a bit rough, but gets to the 
> point:
> "Heartfelt greetings from your dear loving wife.  I ask you "sehr 
> doch=most certainly, emphatically" please to write soon and to see that we 
> can be together again soon (doch=soon with emphasis) in a 
> comfortable/pleasant home.  With us it's going all in all / usually good 
> and hope it is the same for you.  Awaiting to receive a quick answer, I 
> remain (=yours faithfully) always your faithful (unvergesslische=devoted, 
> I will never forget my devotion) wife and children."
> The repeated use of doch for emphasis indicates a heartfelt urgency and 
> hope to hear from her husband soon and see her husband again as soon as 
> possible to reunite the family in a home.  Hope this is helpful; perhaps 
> someone has a more elegant translation.
> Regards,
> Ken Powell
>> Hi John,
>> here ist the translate but in german.
>> "Herzlichen Gruss von Deiner lieben Frau. Ich bitte Dich sehr doch bitte
>> bald zu schreiben und zu sehen das wir doch bald wieder in einem 
>> gemu"tlichen Heim zusammen sein ko"nnen.
>> Uns geht allen sonst gut und hoffen es auch von Dir.
>> In Erwartung eine baldige Antwort zu bekommen, verbleibe ich Deine
>> treue unvergessliche Frau und Kinder."
>> On the left side:
>> "Abs. Wilhelmine Klehmann
>> Ko"nigsberger Str. 1
>> Flu"chtlingsheim ....  ...."
>> My english is not good. I hope I could help you.
>> Bianca Ritz from Germany
>> Hello All,
>> Would somebody out there be willing to translate the back of a photo? I 
>> am
>> unable to read the old German script.
>> I have linked below to the photo and the writing on the back. The photo 
>> is
>> of my great-grandmother Wilhelmina Kleemann (nee Dege) and her children:
>> Matilda Lueck, Appolonia Kleemann and Reinhart Kleemann. I believe this
>> photo is about 1918 after the family had left Volhynia and were living in
>> Poland.
>> http://www.thefourjays.com/german/lehman/photos/kleemanfront.jpg
>> http://www.thefourjays.com/german/lehman/photos/kleemanback.jpg
>> Thanks,
>> John Faunt
>> Mt Pleasant, SC
>> jfaunt at thefourjays.com

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