[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] post WWI immigration, found something in Germany?

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Following my queries of last week on post WWI migration, I revisited some of

my records that I hadn't perused in a while and found some interesting data 
that I had overlooked.

The following url is for for ancestry Hamburg lists of the father of the 
family I am looking for and his travelling companion, a sort of in-law. 
Rudolph Yeske and Gustav Radontz (Radons) a brother my the Lydia I'm looking

for.  This clearly shows the last place of residence as R???off Germany.


In the following url is from the Cdn Archives site showing Gustav's wife and

family arriving in Canada in 1920, saying Poland and Polish.  I have also 
found the older son of Rudolph (I think) Leaving from England in 1922 as a 
Gerhard Paul Geske, however the ship Montrose in 1922 is not on the Canadian

data base so have a dead end on his arrival here. Alas, the daughter Zelma 
Yeske (Geske, Yessie, Gessie) and Rudolph's future wife, Lydia Radons are 
still nowhere to be found.  But revisit ting these pages, from a while back,

leads me now to believe that sometime before the war, at least part of the 
family left Volhynia for Germany and stayed there until after the war, and 
it would appear that Rudolph's wife is the only one that didn't survive the 
war.The families citizenship paper in 1930 show Zelma as a minor child born 
in 1912 so under 21 yrs of age at time of citizenship being granted.  the 
son is not mentioned. And their firstborn in Canada was born in 1921.

Now, as for a question....the first url where Rudolph and Gustav came over, 
any idea of where they were living in Germany.


Could it be Reichshof?

No Yeske nor Radons (Radontz) listings found in the current Germany phone
directory in Reichshof.

There are only two Yeske listings in the phone directory, one in Hanau and
one in Magdeburg.

There are seven Radons listings, and no Radontz listings.

Phone directory is at http://www2.dastelefonbuch.de/

Might be some distant relatives?

Good luck.

Joe in Texas

Joe in Texas

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