[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] B/M/D Records in Poland in 1700's

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Thanks for the explanation of what really happened during this period of
time.  I will see that my friend receives your message.  And, I intend to
get my friend to provide more information for search possibilities on her
ancestors.  My original message was only a quick check on the possibilities
of B/M/D records in 1700's in Poland.


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> Joe,
> Your friend's review of her husband's ancestry includes a common
> misconception that I like to clear up from time to time.  Catherine the
> Great did NOT ask any specific ethnic or religious group to go to Russia.
> She did sign a Manifesto in 1763 that invited ANYONE with the desire, to
> come and settle land within Russia, especially along the Volga River
> region but in other areas as well.  Germans, including Mennonites whether
> German or Dutch origin, responded in the largest numbers.
> Furthermore, large numbers of Mennonites moved into Russia after
> Catherine's death in 1796.  They negotiated different terms of settlement
> with her descendants, especially for land in the Black Sea regions.
> And a final reminder for Volhynian Germans.  Germans did not migrate to
> Volhynia under the protection of any official government acts.  They came
> independently, many years after Catherine's death.
> Jerry Frank - Calgary, Alberta
> FranklySpeaking at shaw.ca
> At 12:21 PM 19/04/2008, joepessarra wrote:
>>This is a request for a friend of mine.
>>Are there b/m/d records available for the 1700s in Poland?  My husband's
>>ancestors were Mennonites originally of Holland or Germany who went to
>>Danzig for about 100 yrs (1700s) then to Russia for next 100 yrs (asked to
>>go to Russia by Catherine the Great).  In 1874 most left Russia for US and
>>Canada when new Russian government would not let them use their German
>>language and refrain from doing military service.  I have 1807 birth of
>>ancestor in Russia,  but nothing before in either Russia or Poland.
>>Joe in Texas

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