[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] German settlers Cholm/Lublin area

Hannes Werner Hannes.Werner at online.de
Mon Feb 11 08:34:34 PST 2008

Good evening list-members,

there is only rare information (in comparison to other areas) about
prussian/German settlers in the Cholm/Lublin area.

Here is a source that I found on "DLIBRA" - a polish online library:


It's a book in German language with some background-information.
Partly its is some kind of nationalistic, but the information behind could
be a good help for family-searchers to understand : from where... and how...

There are some names and origins in the book.

Hannes Werner

Werner - gesamt Polen; Radom um 1850; Inowroclaw um 1870
Büch,Buech, Bich, Bick, Bych, Byck,Bück, Buek
Czajkowski - Zdunska Wola und Lask
Domcke - Großraum Lodz
Feller - Lodz ab 1840
Grüneich, Grueneich - gesamt Polen
Jacholke, Jachulke, Jascholke u.a. - gesamt Polen
Scheibel - rund um Lodz/Kalisch
Schielke, Schilke - gesamt Polen
Winkler - rund um Lodz
Zachäi Zachae, Zachai, Zachaj, Zachei, Zachej, Czachei - rund um Lodz
(auch Bayern und Niederrhein)
Scharf/Kottwitz/Ludwig/Rademacher - rund um Breslau, Striegau, Hausdorf)

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