[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Beginning in Volhynia

Delores Stevens deloresstevens at sasktel.net
Mon Feb 11 12:17:04 PST 2008

The information that I received about Karoline Koets Karras was from her 
daughter Betty Humphrey.  Karoline was married to Julius Karras, son of 
Johann.  Julius would have been a brother to Julianna Karras Werner.

The write up that I have was dictated by Edward Karras, son of Johann and 
Mathilde Karras.  Edward's daugther Doreen wrote it down.

There is no indication that Johann had more than 4 children with his first 
wife and 7 with the second.

Johann was a school teacher and a lay preacher for about 36 years in 
Dombrowka and Perelysianka, Rowno, Volhynia.
Johann emigrated in 1905 and lived in Neche, ND until 1911, when he moved to 
Mooshorn, Manitoba.

Delores Maduke

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