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Hello Barbara:
The EWZ film Number for Rochert is #2098136 & #2098137. These films should
show the relocation to Grabenfeld and also show the ancestors that were
declared, and the granddaughters if they were with her.

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Dear Members


>From the memories of family members, I have learned that my 
Karolin Lucht (m. Wilhelm Rochert of Stawek, Lublin) was relocated in 1940
to Grabenfeld? near Stenszewo, Posen.  She supposedly moved with one of her
grand-daughters, (Otillia Treichel m. Ludwik Golke or Wanda Treichel m.
Wilhelm Gesell). 


I have not been successful in locating a EWZ record for Karolin Lucht and
I'm hoping that someone can help me. I would appreciate any information on
my families.


Barbara Nakahara


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