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>From a 1943 German military Gazetteer I see where Goettland(also known as
Marjaniwka) is listed in the Gebiet of Saporishshja, Rayon of Kujbyschewo,
at 36,30/47.
Howard Krushel

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	I am also interested in whatever help members can offer.  My
great-great grandfather, Bernhard Zietz (Sietz) was born in Goetland in
Mariupol district.  However, on his Canadian naturalization papers, it says
that he was born in Luksemberg in the Marianovka district.

	Lydia, do you know of a map that contains Goettland?  I have never
actually been able to pinpoint the exact location.


	Kyle Sattler


i would like to know if somewhere are available the church records of
Goettland/Göttland of the colony of Grunau/Mariupol. Or maybe someone has
some idea where I could find such records.

I am looking for the marriage record of my great grandfather Alexander
Eberhardt *12. Jul 1855 in Brabander who married in 12 Jul 1876 in Göttland
my great grandmother Katharina Materi *23. Feb 1860.


Best regards

Lydia Eberhardt

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