[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Wignnazero, Poland

Worth Anderson worth_a at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 23 10:42:59 PST 2008


The SGGEE Master Pedigree Database (access to which
one of the great benefits of membership) has a Pauline
Tischler,  born 4 May 1866 to Gottfrid Tischler and
Louise Glaser, in "Ignacew, Konin, Poznan, Poland." 
This could be your place, especially if your source
document was written in Polish, in which case "in
Ignacew" would be "w Ignacewie."  Note also that the
"c" would make a "ts" sound, and so would sound a lot
like what you've written down.

Hope this helps,


--- Eduardo <e.seling.marelli at inbox.com> wrote:

> Dear Members, 
>  My great gandmother, Pauline Tischler, was born in
> Wignnazero, (or similar spelling) Poland and moved
> to Teklovka, Wladimir wolhynsky.  Does anyone have
> an information about this town. Location, similar
> spelling,etc.  This would be very apreciated.
> Thanks,
>            Ed
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