[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] We've hit the 600 mark!

Joyce Guasch jguasch at fastmail.net
Sat Feb 23 11:04:28 PST 2008


You do a wonderful job with this list. A good day is a day when I check my
email and I find activity on this list.

I appreciate all the volunteer hours you spend on this as well as all the
many other things you do for SGGEE. To anyone on this list that is not a
member of SGGEE, I encourage you to join. It's a bargain for the benefits!  

Joyce Welke Guasch
Henderson, NV USA
formerly Rainier, OR USA
Researching Welke, Zimmerman,
Jesse, Gurke, Ratz, Lentz, Pirsch, Arndt
of East Poland

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For the first few years our mailing list grew very rapidly.  For the last 2,
the growth has been very slow.  However, over the past few days we have
rolled over the 600 subscriber mark!

Thank you to all for your input and willingness to share on this list.  When
I first took on the project, I was concerned about possible squabbles and
other issues that can make things less than pleasant.  However, none of
those issues have occurred so I also thank you for your kindness and
toleration.  If any of you are newbies, too shy to make a posting, give it a
try.  You never know what interesting tidbits might come up about your

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