[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Finding place of death on LDS films

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Hello Sandra:
Are you looking at the film itself, or are you looking at the Odessa Film
Library on the internet?
The listing on the internet, as you say  shows:  Stetler, Martin (death
date) 27 June 1881. No place of death shown. After the film number it states
- Age 71, Husband of Marriane (Richert) Born in Janowka, Petrikau. I would
infer that the birthplace refers to Martin. In the film listing for that
film, it shows that section to refer to Heimthal.  The only way to check the
internet listing would be to look at the film itself.

Nelson Itterman

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In LDS films of death records (e.g. for Martin Stelter, film 1897594/1, page
506, reg 667), I see columns for day of death, day of funeral, name,
birthplace, age of desceased, male/female, single/married, cause of death,
but I see no column with place of death. Is there a way to determine this
from these records? 

Sandra Stelter


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