[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Fw: Researching ancestry in Tscheremoschne

Maria Mikolics mikolicsm at westnet.com.au
Wed Feb 27 14:31:24 PST 2008

Hi Paul

I first received the 1897 information from a researcher in Ukraine based on 
my great aunt's birth record. The researcher obtained the information from 
the Zhitomir Archives and the translation of the record is "Family list of a 
citizen of Horoshki volost, Zhitomir Uezd" so perhaps my use of the word 
"census" isn't correct, I'm not sure. This record provided details of my 
great aunt's mother and her parents and siblings.The researcher also managed 
to find in the records the actual birth entry for my great aunt and a child 
she and her husband had.

Late last year I visited Zhitomir archives with my mother and aunt and with 
the assistance of a translator managed to find the 1879 family list for the 
same family. Crazy of me, but I didn't end up getting a copy of that record! 
For sure, one day was nowhere near enough.

Whilst at the Zhitomir Archives last year, the archive records manager (I 
don't know her correct title) was developing an information sheet in English 
about the records collection at the archives. She and her staff were 
extremely helpful during our visit in terms of getting the various books we 
wanted, helping us work out which ones would be most useful to go through. 
She gave me a copy of the information sheet she was working on, which I can 
send to people if they think it'd be useful. Of course, there may be a more 
current version on the intranet somewhere.

So that's where I've managed to get to so far. I'm now trying to find a 
reputable researcher (the one who help me before is no longer doing 
research) who charges reasonable rates to continue the research. I feel 
quite sure that there's a lot more at the Zhitomir Archives in terms of my 

Hope this answers your question...

Kind regards, Maria

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>  Maria,
>      I was interested to see that you managed to get census information
>  from the Zhitomir region for 1897 and 1879. Could you tell us a
>  little more about that - How did you get it? Do you know which archive
>  it was from, and how easy it is to find? I don't think I've heard
>  anything about 1879 census information before.
>           Thanks in advance,
>                 Paul Rakow
>                 rakow at ifh.de
>  PS
>      By the way, some of my ancestors left Russia by a similar route
>  to yours, emigrating to East Prussia just before the First World War.

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