[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Another catalogue of documents in Polish archives

Paul Rakow rakow at ifh.de
Thu Jan 3 12:36:42 PST 2008

 Dear SGGEE members, 

      Since many of you have Lutheran ancestors who passed through Poland, 
 you might find this web catalogue by the German Historical Institute (DHI)
 in Warsaw useful. It lists archival material about the Protestant
 churches in Polish State Archives. 

     I kept coming across interesting www.dhi.waw.pl pages, it took me
 a long time to find what they were. A good place to start exploring is


    Read Vorwort and Archive (The explanation is all in German - I don't
 think there's an English version). It's certainly worth checking these
 pages before an archive trip to any Polish archives. 

      It lists church books, with birth, marriage and death records, 
 but also other material, such as the financial records of congregations, 
 and school records, which can be interesting. This Summer I visited 
 the Lodz archive, and found my great-great grandfather's school report
 from 1836 (behaviour: good; academically medium). 

    This Germn Historical Institute catalogue is a useful addition to 
 the Polish archive's own catalogues (SEZAM, PRADZIAD and ELA) at


 (I think most people know those already)

         Paul Rakow
         rakow at ifh.de

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