[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] translation request

Cornelia Warner fenenga at connpoint.net
Sun Jan 6 12:55:13 PST 2008

along with this list, I am also on the Wagner list, and someone has posted a 
link to their scans of a family bible and some other things included. I was 
able to tell them a little of the vital records from the bible, what the 
names of the children were, clarify the months given, and translate a small 
amount of a paragraph written after the children's births, but if someone 
could look at the records and finish the translation of them, I know they'd 
appreciate it.

it is a large pdf file, with the cover of the bible, frontispiece, several 
pages that are printed in old script, but don't appear to be scripture, two 
lithographs, one of Martin Luther, one of Jesus Christ, a handful of carte 
de visite's and tintypes, the vital records, and a handful of family papers 
and a political cartoon at the end. 21 pages long. the vital records are on 
page 15.

you can see the request and my attempts at transcription by going to


and the pdf is here.


thanks for helping. I have no connections, just want to help when I can. 

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