[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] last summer re: Charles Wagner

Cornelia Warner fenenga at connpoint.net
Mon Jan 7 12:38:51 PST 2008

last June I posted what I knew about Charles Wagner and a number of you 
replied. I didn't get back to you due to computer and server problems (one 
followed the other), and now I've posted a new query for Charles without 
answering all the replies.
today I started cleaning out my email box, one of my resolutions as I have 
nearly 2500 emails in it and many of them are list messages I didn't get 
around to reading.
so first, I wish to apologise to those whom I never got back to, and to 
reply to them as best I can.
to Rose Ingram, yes, I've tried the most common variants, Carl, Karl, 
Carroll, though not Karol unless it came up on a soundex search. I also 
tried to find him as Joseph.
to Kenneth Brown, I am not a member of NEHGS and have not been able to view 
the death records of late (it keeps telling me that it's a members only 
section), though I've tried. however, I've contacted the MA vital record 
office and they've assured me that none of the death records for any of the 
Charles Wagner's in Boston and Chelsea are my Charles Wagner, and that there 
is no death record for anyone on Aug 3, 1894 in Massachusetts.
ok, that's everyone that I didn't reply to last summer. hopefully the new 
post will get someone's attention.

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