[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] location of Freitagsheim near Miloslaw in the Posen province of Wreschen

Karl Krueger dabookk54 at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 7 18:15:14 PST 2008

Hi Larry,
  I guess you are looking for a place where your family may have been resettled during the war. Those town names will be German since Hitler was ready to make Posen a German state again since it was taken from Germany after WW I. This was one reason he had ethnic Germans brought from the east (like our families) to Warthegau.
  Bookmark this page.  http://www.polishroots.org/genpoland/poslist.htm
  Here you will see Freitagsheim corresponds to the Polish town of Pieranie.

larry steinke <larrysteinke at gmail.com> wrote:
  Hi Everyone,
Does anyone have a map from around 1944 of the area south-west of 
Miloslaw in the Posen province of Wreschen?
I have looked on http://mapy.amzp.pl and found 
3770_Miloslaw_1944.jpg but I need to see the one south of it (3870 
I am looking to find a small settlement around 8 km from Milowslaw 
that was called Freitgasheim in 1944.
or does anyone have a list of villages in this area with the 
corresponding Polish names.?
The 1:300 000 map of the area P40_S25_PYZDRY shows the area but is 
from 1933 and Freitagsheim does not appear on this
so it seems it was a place renamed to Freitagsheim after 1933.


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