[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] location of Freitagsheim near Miloslaw in the Posen province of Wreschen

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Tue Jan 8 02:09:38 PST 2008

Hi everyone,
Thanks for all the responses to my Freitagsheim question.
This is the place my fathers family was resettled to in 1940
when he was around 4 years old, until 1944.
I did find the Freitagsheim-Pieranie connection some time ago
but my father remembered that it was near a Liebenstadt
where they walked to school taking about an hour from home,
and it was a small settlement of 20 or so farms,
so Pieranie didn't fit. Then I found the Miloslaw-Liebenstadt
connection and showed my father this map which somehow looked
familiar but he didn't really recognise where Freitagsheim would be.
I did think of the Piatek-Freitag connection and suspected it would be
in this area but the map 3770_Miloslaw_1944.jpg which has the 1944
german names didn't quite cover this area. The P40_S25_PYZDRY.jpg
map which does cover this area has a few places with Piatk, so I wasn't
sure. So thanks Jerry and Howard for the Bialepiontkowo connection,
I am quite sure this is the correct one. I'll show a detailed map of this
to my father and see if he recognises it now. Although it doesn't have much
significance as far as genealogical research, it is satisfying to discover
the actual physical location where a significant part of the family history
took place. My grandmother died there around 1940.
-Larry Steinke

On Jan 8, 2008 5:09 AM, Jerry Frank <FranklySpeaking at shaw.ca> wrote:

> Bialepiontkowo is located 5 km WSW of Miloslaw and is actually
> spelled Biale Piatkowo where the a in Piatkowo has a diacritical hook
> under it giving it an "on" sound.  This is one of the places I
> suggested earlier based on the fact that Piatek = Friday.
> Appears that this is the place you are looking for.
> Jerry Frank - Calgary, Alberta
> FranklySpeaking at shaw.ca
> At 08:50 PM 07/01/2008, Howard Krushel wrote:
> >Hi Larry:
> >A 1912 Gazetteer has Freitagsheim as a Dorf(village) and Ritter Gut in
> the
> >Kreis Hohensalza, formerly Pieranie , a Ritter Gut.
> >  And a 2006 Gazetteer lists one Freitagsheim as Bialepiontkowo(Kr.
> Wreschen)
> >and a second one, as a village in Kreis Hohensalza which had 324
> inhabitants
> >in 1905 and was also known as Pieranie.
> >The more sources available, the greater the possibility of variants, it
> >would seem.
> >Howard Krushel
> >
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> >Hi Larry,
> >   I guess you are looking for a place where your family may have been
> >resettled during the war. Those town names will be German since Hitler
> was
> >ready to make Posen a German state again since it was taken from Germany
> >after WW I. This was one reason he had ethnic Germans brought from the
> east
> >(like our families) to Warthegau.
> >
> >   Bookmark this page.  http://www.polishroots.org/genpoland/poslist.htm
> >
> >   Here you will see Freitagsheim corresponds to the Polish town of
> Pieranie.
> >   Karl
> >
> >larry steinke <larrysteinke at gmail.com> wrote:

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