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The birthdates for Otto and your grandmother, Mary, may not be incorrect.
My grandmother and her sister were born 3 weeks apart.  I have their
baptismal certificates to prove that the parents are the same for both.
However, the one born first (my grandmother) was baptized 6 months after the
second one born.  I believe now that my grandmother was adopted; given to a
relative or another nursing mother, or both.


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August G. LIEDKE born December 30 1848 in West Prussia, died February 1,
1932 Henry Co. Illinois, USA, son of Fredrick LIEDKE,  believed to be
from the village of Terepol now known as Terespol, Poland.  Married
Matilda RAU about 1876 in West Prussia, she was born December 4, 1854 in
West Prussia, possible from  the town of Salesche now called Zalesie
Slaskie in Poland, daughter of  Gustov RAU and Mary TETZLAFF/TETZLOFF.
Children born in West Prussia were Ida belived to be born April 14,
1878, Otto  F.  born November 6, 1880 and Mary Bertha (my grandmother)
born  April 25, 1881.  Yes I realize Otto's date or someones is off but
I have no other info. I know they were Lutherans and emigrated to the
USA to Henry Co. Illinois about 1882.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank You

June Jahn


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