[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Which Notaries Served the Kepas?

Worth Anderson worth_a at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 17 21:33:50 PST 2008

Does anyone know which notaries might have been the "preferred providers" for the German community around Plock?

I'm preparing for my first visit to the Plock archives.  If there is time, I hope to search notarial records for "my" villages:

-- Plock parish (Bialkowo, Wykowo, Kepa Popielarska, Budy Borowickie)
-- Wyszogrod parish (Kepa Niemiecka, Zakrzewo, Rakowo)
-- Gabin parish (Wiaczymin, Swiniary, Sady, Osiek)

According to the Archives website, they have records for the following notaries from the period between the arrival of the German colonists and the point where the language of the records changes from Polish to Russian:

1) Tomasz Gutkowski, Kazimierz Swierzynski, Teodor Krajewski, Tadeusz Markowski, Plock (1808-1821)
2) Teodor Krajewski, Plock (1821)
3) Franciszek Strzeszewski, Plock (1821-1834)
4) Ludwik Tchorzewski, Plock (1821-1837)
5) Jozef Miniewicz, Plock (1822-1836)
6) Mikolaj Dolegowski, Plock (1834-1836)
7) Jakub Malkiewicz, Plock (1836-1851)
8) Franciszek Miszewski, Plock (1836-1845)
9) Michal Wolowski, Plock (1838-1862)
10) Jan Piechowski, Plock (1846-1858)
11) Stanislaw Sierzputowski, Plock (1846-1855)
12) Feliks Wojciechowski, Plock (1852-1856)
13) Karol Czerniawski, Plock (1855-1862)
14) Stanislaw Pyrowicz, Plock (1857-1880)
15) Leon Brozdowicz, Plock (1858-1859)
16) Stanislaw Dabrowski, Gabin (1858-1868)
17) Stanislaw Tyrchowski, Plock (1860-1866)
18) Wawrzyniec Janczewski, Plock (1862-1871)
19) Antoni Wolowski, Plock (1863-1876)
20) Emilian Ordon, Plock (1867-1875)
21) Kajetan Chodecki, Plock (1868-1880)

Since I probably won't have time to look at all of these, I'd really appreciate any advice on which to search first?  Also, any general advice for a successful visit to the Plock Archives would be most welcome.


Worth S.  Anderson

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