[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Catholic baptism noted in Gabin Evangelical Parish Register

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that's a good hypothesis, Worth,
I also have a single incident of a Catholic record noted in a Dutch Reformed 
parish register. in this instance it was a marriage, and I'll have to "screw 
my thinking cap on real tight" to remember what the rules were.
the Catholic church is not well thought of in the northern provinces of the 
Netherlands, and if you married in the Catholic church, you then were 
required to go through the process all over again in the Dutch Reformed 
church-so the marriage would be recognised. but there was something else, 
and that's eluding my memory. maybe someone else, on or off the list, will 

in regards to the baptism, not only health may be the reason, but parents of 
different faiths may have compromised and had the baby baptised in both 
faiths, or if there was strife in the region, perhaps they weren't sure when 
they could get to the church of choice? just some thoughts of why this may 

>   2. Catholic baptism noted in Gabin Evangelical Parish Register
>      (Worth Anderson)
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> Below is my extract of an unusual entry in the Gabin
> Evangelical Parish register.  It records the birth of
> a child to Evangelical parents, and then notes that
> the child was baptized in the Catholic church at
> Zakrzewo a day after his birth.  Has anyone run across
> similar occurrences?
> I'm guessing that in this case it was feared that the
> child would die, and the Catholic church in Zakrzewo
> was easier to get to than the Evangelical church in
> Gabin, on the other side of the Vistula River.
> In this regard, I wonder if anyone knows whether the
> Vistula shifted course during the mid-1830s, so that
> Kepa Popielarska (apparently also known as Kepa
> Swiniarski) became closer to the north bank?  The
> Fisch family appears consistently in the Gabin
> register through the mid-1830s, and is described as
> living on Kepa Popielarski/Swiniarski.  From 1839 they
> appear in the Plock parish registers, but still are
> consistently described as living on Kepa
> Popielarski/Swiniarski.
> Worth Anderson
> G?bin Parish Register, 1838-1843, 1838 Baptism No.16;
> FHL Microfilm No. 729293:  28 Oct 1838 Jan Fisz,
> gospodarz residing on K?pa Popielarkska, 29, with
> Jakub K?hlmann, wyrobnik residing in Wi?czemin
> Polskie, 25, and Jan Szewc, gospodarz, residing in
> Borki, 27, reports birth of male child on 13th of
> current month in K?pa Popielarska to his wife
> Maryanna, born Rystof, 34.  The child was in the
> Catholic church in Zakrzewo on the 14th of this month
> given the name Boguslaw, and the godparents were Jakob
> Krampitz, gospodarz on Wykowska K?pa, and Elzbieta
> Golnik from "Bobrzej Vigry."  Johan Fisch signs.
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