[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Luth. parish records of Wegrow/Wengrow?

duesterhoeft at gmx.de duesterhoeft at gmx.de
Sun Jan 20 21:28:37 PST 2008


does anyone know what happenend to the lutheran parish records of
Wegrow/Wengrow in Poland? Are they just missing or definately destroyed?

I am looking for ancestors, who lived at least around 185x, 186x in that
region. The Names are
- Wilhelm DUESTERHOEFT (or Diesterhoeft)
- Anna Christine FIETZE (or Fitz), both in Julin
- Samuel PETRICH (or Petryk) and
- Caroline Rudkowski (or Karoline Rutkowski), both in Chmielew.

Thank you,
Stefan Duesterhoeft

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