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Mon Jan 21 14:35:24 PST 2008

Hello Samantha & others,

Greetings from frozen Wisconsin!  Samantha, I see you are researching 
Neumann and Shulz surnames.  So am I, perhaps we will find a connection.

I need everyone's help to locate the birthplaces and marriage of my great 
grandparents (because my clues have not added up so far):

*Johann Daniel Michael HEDTKE. b. 16 Feb 1846 in Sheperia/Sepere (location 
?, possibly 90 miles north of Berlin, possibly by Bromberg in current day 
Poland) went by first name of Michael
   hailed from Kreischuling (? maybe Kreis Schubin, WPR?) per application 
for USA citizenship; also (per my aged uncle) was from a village named 
*Amelia/Amilia/Emilie NUEMANN, b. 26 Mar 1864 in Chesnau? (location?) 
supposedly a walled midieval city on the border (between Germany-Poland?)
   per family lore:  her parents/family owned a sawmill in the Black Forest 
(?) of which she received notice of inheritance after living in the USA, but 
was unable to return to Germany to claim
*Married 26 Mar 1886 in Germany/Prussia; immigrated to USA 1890 (on separate 
voyages, have found ship registry for Michael arriving to New York 10 Apr 
1890, unable to find Amelia's immigration).
Amelia's parent's names:  August NEUMANN (or NEWMANN?) and Christine SCHULZ, 
per Amelia's death record
Michael's parent's names:  Frederick HEDTKE and Wilhelmina (Unknown surname)

*Either Michael or Amelia spoke low German, and the other high German.
They had 2 children born in Germany/Prussia, named Bertha and William, and 
Amelia told Michael the children had died between the time he sailed for USA 
(end of Feb 1890) and the time she subsequently immigrated (while pregnant 
with child #3, sometime before his Wisconsin, USA birth 15 Sep 1890). 
Family descendant of this couple claims the 2 children born in 
Germany/Prussia did not die as infants, but were instead left by the wife 
with relatives, and the wife lied to her husband.

Michael had a brother named Froedrick "Fred" Ano L. HEDTKE, b. 20 Jun 1860 
Sepere, immigrated 1884 to USA; and a brother Henry HEDTKE, b. Nov 1869 
Germany/Prussia, immigrated 1883 to USA.  Michael was a farmer.
Amelia had a brother named Carl J. Henry NEUMANN, b. Jun 1854 in 
Germany/Prussia, that settled in (Palo Alto) Iowa, USA.  His daughter, 
Martha E. NEWMAN, b. 26 Apr 1884/85 supposedly in Berlin, Germany, 
immigrated with her parents to USA in 1888.  Martha married William Carl 
MANZ of Iowa and settled in (Eddy) North Dakota, USA.  Amelia's daughters 
visited their first cousin, Martha, in North Dakota in 1949 and I have 
photos of their visit.

So far I have not been able to confirm any of the locations in Europe 
(Sheperia/Sepere, Pilsen, Kreischuling, Chesnau) or find birth/marriage 
records for Michael or Amelia.  Does anyone on this list know of villages by 
those names in West Prussia, Eastern Germany, current day Poland?  And was 
low German ever spoken in the area of  Pommerania?

If I could just find one clue to help make sense of something!  Help, 
please.  I will greatly appreciate any insight!

Linda in WI

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> Other surnames that I'm researching in this area: ...NEUMANN....SHULZ...
> I would like to hear from anyone who thinks they have a connection to any 
> of these names or this area. I have maps giving the names of people and 
> showing where they lived, pictures and BMD information, etc.
> Samantha

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