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Provided Martin Mincer and Rosine Appenzeller were actually Christian's 
parents (I of course have not doubt that the information Al gave you is 
correct), I can give you some more information on your ancestors:

Johann Martin MÜNZER (this is the correct German name, Mincer is just the 
polonized version) was born about 1802, probably in Effingshausen = Starowa 
Gora, just south of Lodz. He died there in 1844 (Pabianice Lutheran 1844 
#27). Martin was a taylor. He and Rosine Appenzeller had 6 children: Johann, 
Martin, Christian, Friedrich, Christine and Karoline.

His parents Michael MÜNZER and Christina ZIEGER came to "Suedpreussen" in 
1800. They originated in Oberbaldingen near Villingen-Schwenningen in 
Württemberg (SW Germany) and belonged to the Lutheran parish in Oefingen 
(old name Effingen); like most of the first settlers in Effingshausen (that 
is why this name was chosen).
My ancestor Friedrich Münzer, Martin's brother, was Michael's only son who 
was still born SW Germany. So in other words, Johann Martin must have been 
born in Suedpreussen/Poland.

All of Michael Münzer's family came from Oberbaldingen/Oefingen/Tuningen, 
except for one greatgrandmother, who was from Switzerland.

Christine Zieger was born in Russberg near Tuttlingen. I don't very much 
more about her yet.

My Friedrich Münzer's wife Anna Maria Spohn was born in Brosowo near Kulm in 
Westpreussen (so she is your Martin's sister-in-law). There was an 
Appenzeller family in that village as well. I assume that they were your 
Rosine Appenzeller's relatives, perhaps even her parents. Brosowo was also a 
"Schwabenkolonie", so they certainly also came from SW Germany (probably 
about 1780-90).

Hope this helps
Michael Stockhausen
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> The marriage of Christian Menzer (Mincer, in the record) and Marianne
> Karoline Berger took place 31 Aug 1862 at Pabianice
> (FHL film #0714496, 1862 #49).  Chiristian was 24 years old, born at
> Starowa Góra, son of Martin and Rosine (Appenzeller).
> MKB was also 24, born at L~aznowska Wola, daughter of Jakob and
> Karoline (Krause).
> Pabianice is about 7 miles SW of Lodz (2nd largest city in Poland
> today).
> I have a wee bit more info, two siblings of Christian who married.
> Most of this information came after SGGEE001r8 (this is a
> source in the SGGEE pedigree database, for members only).  The new
> information will be in SGGEE001r9, early this summer, or whenever
> I get around to working on it.
> Al Muth
> Livonia, MI
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>>From Steve Grossmeyer    (Port Washington Wisconsin USA)
> I've found new information that I would like to add to my original
> request...
> Eduard Klein born in Russia 1879  father Adolf Klein mother Teofile
> Mateos
> Eduard / Edward Married to Juliana / Julia Menzer on May 17 1902 in
> Berrien
> Michigan (USA)...   This was Julias 2nd marriage
> Julias Father  Christian Menzer and mother Coroline / Karoline Berger
> (Burger)
> Julias First marriage to  ??  Krohn  Kronn   Kron    children Albert
> Ernestina
> Any information much appreciated...          sg
> Hello....
> My name is Steve Grossmeyer from Milwaukee Wisconsin.  I am seeking any
> information on my great grandfather.  EDWARD KLEIN born 1879 wife
> ??...   Immigrated to the US in 1900..   Any information on this family
> would be appreciated...
> Regards     s grossmeyer
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