[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Dembe, Dab Wielki, and Harke's

F&RM Haddad farose at gmail.com
Sun Jan 27 19:42:04 PST 2008

I'm wondering if someone could help me here. On Upstreamvistula.org I read
that Dab Wielki (aka Dab Niemiecki) is also mentioned as Domb Wielki, Gross
Dembe, and Dembe. However, according to Shtetl Seeker, Dab Wielki and Dembe
are 120.6 km apart. I am asking about this because my Harke's (Johann and
wife Eva NN, parents of Eva who married David (-Johann) Peter) are from DW.
The ancestors of a Harke I met are from Dembe from the same time period.
Given the way names are repeated in the Harke line (his), and the presence
of both names Eva and Johann, we're wondering if there is a close
relationship. Furthermore, someone on Rootsweb has much the same ancestry as
the Mr. Harke I met, but where his information lists Dembe, the one on
RootsWeb lists Dab Wielki. Might there be 2 (or more!) Dembe's?

Also - if anyone has more information on Eva Harke born 1782 Dab Wielki, and
David (-Johann) Peter born c.1775 place unknown; married c.1797/8, I would
so appreciate even being pointed in the direction of more information. I've
been at quite a dead end for years.

Thank-you in advance for your help.

Rose-Marie Haddad

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