[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Records for Rojewo Kaczkowerdorf?

Worth Anderson worth_a at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 5 08:10:24 PDT 2008

Has anyone found Evangelical Lutherans in the Roman Catholic parish records of Plonkowo?

Adam and Samuel Rahn, who settled in Sady (in Gabin Evangelical parish) before 1815, were born in Rojewo Kaczkowerdorf, near Gniewkowo, in the Inowroclaw powiat.  Today the place is called "Rojewice" on Polish maps, and was apparently sometimes called "Roneck" in German.

There was an Evangelical Lutheran parish in Rojewo Kaczkowerdorf called the "Gruenkirche."  The Family History Library has microfilm of the register for that parish beginning in 1832.

I found a website that has some useful information on the Gruenkirche: http://de.geocities.com/tvogel17/Orte/Grunkirch/Info_Grunfliessniederung.  It states that early Germans were baptized and married in the Roman Catholic church, and went to Torun for communion and confirmation.

The nearest Roman Catholic church I see that existed in the early 1800s was in the "Plonkowo" parish, just outside of Rojewo.  The Family History Library has microfilmed its records from 1715-1939 (with gaps).  Has anyone used these records?  Does anyone know whether the German families residing at Rojewo Kaczkowerdorf (and the nearby village of Klein Glinno a.k.a. Glinki) are found in them?


Worth S. Anderson


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