[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Liessapol????

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Sun Jul 13 00:42:27 PDT 2008

Linda, I think that the "Liessapol" you are looking for would most likely be Lasopol a.k.a. Lessapol.  It is located at the coordinates 50.50'N 26.26'E, 5.7 km SSW of Kostopol.  If you are a member of the SGGEE you can find it on Jerry Frank's map F3 of Volhynia.  Or else you can go to this site:
where you will find it shown as Kol. Lesopol in the lower right-hand part of the map.
Hope this helps.
Jan Textor
> From: MaizieRae at aol.com> Date: Sat, 12 Jul 2008 23:03:39 -0400> To: ger-poland-volhynia at eclipse.sggee.org> Subject: Re: [Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Liessapol????> > Dear Listers, > > I have a Friedrich BAKAS / BACKHAUS / BACKUS, born in Volhynia, and his > family that immigrated to the U.S. from Volhynia in 1894 aboard the s. s. > Dresden. On the ship manifest, Nationality is Russian and Last residence is > "Liessapol."> > I can't find a Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, or German "Liessapol" anywhere on > a map, and not in Volhynia anywhere. Does anyone know what place this might > be? Most likely it is misspelled?> > Two of Friedrich's daughters were born in Friedrichsdorf (Solomka -German, > Соломка - Russian & Ukrainian) north of Rowno (Rivne/ PiBHe) in Volhynia. > > One of Friedrich's brothers, Johann BAKAS / BACKHAUS / BACKUS, immgrated to > the U.S. in 1895 aboard the s.s. München. Johann's Last residence was > "Solumke" which is a misspelling of Solomka aka Friedrichsdorf. One of Johann's > daughter's was also born in Friedrichsdorf.> > Any help would be appreciated on locating the town Liessapol, which I cannot > find anywhere around Solomka (or anywhere else).> > By the way, for those who are interested, I believe I may have found > Friedrichsdorf / Solomka / Соломка on a Ukrainian online roadmap. Go to: > _http://lemko.org/atlas/atlas.html_ (http://lemko.org/atlas/atlas.html) > > Look for the town of PIBHE (this is Rowno/Rivne). Follow directions for > enlarging the map by clicking on it if necessary. Directly north and slightly > to the east of PIBHE you will find the village of Соломка. Someone please > correct me if I am wrong, but I believe this is the location of Solomka aka > Friedrichsdorf. > > Thanks for your help in advance, > Linda Freehling> > > > > > > > **************Get the scoop on last night's hottest shows and the live music > scene in your area - Check out TourTracker.com! > (http://www.tourtracker.com?NCID=aolmus00050000000112)> > ________________________________________
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