[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Help needed finding relatives in Germany

Jim Stange jjstange at gmail.com
Sun Jul 13 08:47:06 PDT 2008

I am trying to find relatives who left Wloclawek area, Poland around
1947-1950 to Kiel, Germany.

I have had several notes that were on the backs of photographs translated
from German to English. I have determined that the notes are from my Güttner
(Gittner) relatives (my paternal Great Grandmother). My g-g-grandmother was
Augusta Güttner. Her parents were Peter and Marie (Schmidt). Augusta was
born 1891 in Krzywa Gora, Poland near Wloclawek. She and two brothers,
Herman Güttner b. 1884 and Adolph Güttner (Gittner) b. 1896 emigrated to the
US in the 1910's. They left behind three sisters, *Anna (Emma?), Olga and
Of the three sisters there were children and grand-children that I cannot
connect to the correct sister. One of the children (maybe of Olga?) was *
Eugenia* who married *Rudolph Gertz*. They had two children *Rudolph* and
Euginie I believe the son would be *born around 1938-1940 in Poland*. From
another sister was a daughter (Emma?) who married a Mr. *Otto Bremer*.

There is also a son named *Otto Bremer b. 1932* who was in Kiel in 1947
according to the photos. There also is a grand-daughter, *Wanda Wolter b.
1929* who married a Mr. Karl Pleger. The photos include a *wedding photo
from September 29th, 1951 of Wanda and Karl Pleger*. Many of the photos in
the late 1940's and early 1950's were taken in Kiel Germany which leads me
to believe that the family moved to Germany after the Second World War.

I have looked in the German phone book for the names of Bremer and Pleger.
There are 2 Karl Plegers:

Kätnersredder 70
24232 Schönkirchen / Anschützsiedlung
Telephone: 0431 20 44 60


Lortzingstr. 11
32545 Bad Oeynhausen
Telephone: 05731 9 45
There is also a Wanda Pleger:

Klingenstr. 119
42651 Solingen
Telephone: 0212 4 12 08

I have tried to call the number for Wanda Pleger but they did not speak
English and I do not speak German so we could not communicate. I hope they
were not offended...It is very difficult for me to find any assistance
finding living relatives in Germany.

Any help from the SGGEE is greatly appreciated. I would like to connect the
missing links in my genealogy and share information on the Gittner family
here in the USA. I would appreciate any assistance. I can e-mail photos from
the lot of about 30 that were sent from this family.

Regards and Thank you!
Jim Stange

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