[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Finding relatives in Germany

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Funny - I was just editing an article that we're going to include in our
next GRHS magazine...about finding relatives in Germany. :-) Below are a
couple of the main search organizations that are willing to help.....Carolyn

Kirchlicher Suchdienst (K-S)

Contact Information:
.	Website:  www.kirchlicher-suchdienst.de (includes English version)
.	E-mail:  ksd at kirchlicher-suchdienst.de
.	Mailing address:	Kirchlicher Suchdienst HOK
				Rosenbergstr. 52 B
70176 Stuttgart

Information available:
.	Database of over 20 million names of WWII refugees in Germany
.	Wide range of research services for hire. But, there is no charge to
search their database for the names you submit.
.	You can write in English. They answer in German.

To request a search from Kirchlicher Suchdienst:
Provide as much information as possible:
.	birth date, or at least the year
.	names of parents, grandparents, and/or siblings
.	name of village of residence in 1939
.	reason you are looking for this individual

.	K-S will not search for an individual without precise information
about his/her identity. Remember searching this database is done free of
.	K-S does more intensive family research, but there is a fee
.	K-S will contact the individual for permission to forward his/her
address to you.
.	K-S will ask you to supply a copy of your birth certificate to prove
your identity.

Another way to find relatives in Germany

Deutsches Rotes Kreuz

Contact Information:
.	Website:  www.drk-suchdienst.org (includes an English version; fill
out Tracing Request form online or download the PDF form and mail.)
.	E-mail:  info at drk-suchdienst.org
.	Telephone:  49-(0)89-6807730
.	Fax:  49-(0)89-68074592
.	Mailing address:  	Tracing Service Munich
Chiemgaustr. 109
D-81549 Munich

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>	Germany
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>I am trying to find relatives who left Wloclawek area, Poland 
>around 1947-1950 to Kiel, Germany.
>I have looked in the German phone book for the names of Bremer 
>and Pleger.
>There are 2 Karl Plegers:
>K?tnersredder 70
>24232 Sch?nkirchen / Ansch?tzsiedlung
>Telephone: 0431 20 44 60
>Lortzingstr. 11
>32545 Bad Oeynhausen
>Telephone: 05731 9 45
>There is also a Wanda Pleger:
>Klingenstr. 119
>42651 Solingen
>Telephone: 0212 4 12 08
>I have tried to call the number for Wanda Pleger but they did 
>not speak English and I do not speak German so we could not 
>communicate. I hope they were not offended...It is very 
>difficult for me to find any assistance finding living 
>relatives in Germany.
>Any help from the SGGEE is greatly appreciated. I would like 
>to connect the missing links in my genealogy and share 
>information on the Gittner family here in the USA. I would 
>appreciate any assistance. I can e-mail photos from the lot of 
>about 30 that were sent from this family.
>Regards and Thank you!
>Jim Stange

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