[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Liessapol????

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I have the same kind of problem.
On the ship manifest from 1897 of my Kommers family in Brazil, nationality 
is German and last residence is "Gribenhof". I can't find a Russian, 
Ukrainian, Polish or German "Griebenhof". Does anyone know what place this 
might be?
Ludwig Kommers and Auguste Weicht got married and had their children in 
Zhytomir/Faustindorf area. The birth records of the children are from 1860' 
to 1879. There are more three children born after this period but I have 
never found them. So, I suppose they moved to this "lost" Gribenhof, where 
the three last children were born.

Anyone saw Griebenhof sometime?

Eduardo Kommers

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> Linda, I think that the "Liessapol" you are looking for would most likely 
> be Lasopol a.k.a. Lessapol.  It is located at the coordinates 50.50'N 
> 26.26'E, 5.7 km SSW of Kostopol.  If you are a member of the SGGEE you can 
> find it on Jerry Frank's map F3 of Volhynia.  Or else you can go to this 
> site:
> http://lazarus.elte.hu/hun/digkonyv/topo/200e/44-51.jpg
> where you will find it shown as Kol. Lesopol in the lower right-hand part 
> of the map.
> Hope this helps.
> Jan Textor
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>> Liessapol????> > Dear Listers, > > I have a Friedrich BAKAS / BACKHAUS / 
>> BACKUS, born in Volhynia, and his > family that immigrated to the U.S. 
>> from Volhynia in 1894 aboard the s. s. > Dresden. On the ship manifest, 
>> Nationality is Russian and Last residence is > "Liessapol."> > I can't 
>> find a Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, or German "Liessapol" anywhere on > a 
>> map, and not in Volhynia anywhere. Does anyone know what place this might 
>>  > be? Most likely it is misspelled?> > Two of Friedrich's daughters were 
>> born in Friedrichsdorf (Solomka -German, > Соломка - Russian & 
>> Ukrainian) north of Rowno (Rivne/ PiBHe) in Volhynia. > > One of 
>> Friedrich's brothers, Johann BAKAS / BACKHAUS / BACKUS, immgrated to > 
>> the U.S. in 1895 aboard the s.s. München. Johann's Last residence was > 
>> "Solumke" which is a misspelling of Solomka aka Friedrichsdorf. One of 
>> Johann's > daughter's was also born in Friedrichsdorf.> > Any help would 
>> be appreciated on locating the town Liessapol, which I cannot > find 
>> anywhere around Solomka (or anywhere else).> > By the way, for those who 
>> are interested, I believe I may have found > Friedrichsdorf / Solomka / 
>> Соломка on a Ukrainian online roadmap. Go to: > 
>> _http://lemko.org/atlas/atlas.html_ (http://lemko.org/atlas/atlas.html) > 
>>  > Look for the town of PIBHE (this is Rowno/Rivne). Follow directions for 
>>  > enlarging the map by clicking on it if necessary. Directly north and 
>> slightly > to the east of PIBHE you will find the village of 
>> Соломка. Someone please > correct me if I am wrong, but I believe 
>> this is the location of Solomka aka > Friedrichsdorf. > > Thanks for your 
>> help in advance, > Linda Freehling> > > > > > > > **************Get the 
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