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Hi Evert, yes it is.

A big part of the imigrants came to Brazil through the Porto de Santos 
(Santos Port) like my Kommers family. Another small part of them came 
through Ilha das Flores (Flowers Island) and others.

To check those in Santos Port follow this link

You have to fill "Sobrenome" (Surname). You must try every spelling of the 
Surname. If you find a record (or more) you can also check (online) if the 
person came alone or came with his family (you can see the sames of 
daughters, sons, wife). To get more information you have to ask by mail and 
pay around 10 dólars. The informations are: date of departure and arrival, 
names of wife and children, ages, nationality, occupation, origin place, 
name of the ship, origin port, etc. Let me know if you need this and I'll 
show the way to do it.

To check those in Flowers Island you must send a letter. Let me now if you 
need the address and I'll check it for you.

Just to point out, in Sao Paulo there is the National Archiv where I got a 
copy of the original passanger list of the imigrants that came in the same 
ship of my family. It's FANTASTIC !


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> Eduardo, Where do you look up Brazilian ship manifests?  Is there an 
> on-line
> website with this information?
> Evert Moes
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>> On ship manifests in Brazil there are 1 family HENZEL from Sweiss, and 4
>> HENSEL families from Germany.
>>>From Sweiss:
>> -Aruin Henzel - arrived in 1891.
>>>From Germany:
>> -Adolph Hensel and Maria - arrived in 1924.
>> Children: Fritz and Charlote
>> -Erich Hensel with his brother Herbert - arrived in 1924
>> -Julius Hensel and Auguste - arrived in 1889
>> Children, Carl, Ida, Minna and Paul.
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