[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Thank you for village name request and Red Cross refugee assistance

karlann at juno.com karlann at juno.com
Tue Jul 22 14:59:22 PDT 2008

Thanks to the members of this list who so quickly and easily assisted me in the search for the current name of Seeman, Gelgenberg.

I also want to reply to this comment: "A German lady there told me that she had escaped into Poland and that her Uncle was able to get their family out through the missing persons of the Red Cross.  Does anyone know about this?"

My great aunt, who spend WWII in coal mines in Sibera and afterwards was forced to live in Kiev was connected with relatives in West Germany and the U.S. through the Red Cross in the 1950's. One of her nephews wrote a letter to Mrs. Khruschev, and this helped expedite her repatriation to West Germany. I have the documents from the Red Cross, including a copy of the letter that was sent to Mrs. Khruschev.

I believe several organizations undertook effort to reunite families after the war, and the Red Cross was perhaps the largest. They were amazingly effective in this case.

Karla Walters

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