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The following death record appears in the Lowicz Lutheran church:

Mantaj, Jan 38yr


15 Oct 1845


Lowicz is about 30 km north of Brzeziny.

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Lowenstadt is the WW II German name for Brzeziny located about 18 km 
E of the city of Lodz.  Turbowice is a village about 8 km SE of Brzeziny.

The bad news is that church records for Brzeziny are not known to 
exist.  All your surnames are in our databases but connections may be 
difficult because of this lack of records.  Hopefully this mailing 
list will help you make connections with others who may have more 
data about the related lines.

Jerry Frank - Calgary, Alberta
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At 04:08 PM 07/06/2008, mantaj at gotadsl.co.uk wrote:
>I think my husbands family name MANTAJ was changed/corrupted when 
>Sam came to England as German prisoner of war. Else nee Fechner (his 
>wife) and their children left  Poland as refugees , she thought her 
>husband dead. Finally, she received news that Sam had been captured 
>by the Americans  and shipped to England. She later followed him. 
>They both died here in England.
>This information below was taken from documents granted in Poland (I 
>think during the German occupation)  I believe the MANTEI family 
>were ethnic Germans living in Poland at the outbreak of WWll.
>My husband's late father was Samuel MANTEI b. Turbowice 6 March 
>1913. Samuels father was Rudolf MANTEI (b. 1885/86) who married 
>first Marie SCHULZ (and secondly Olga SUTZE, I think). All records 
>are marked Posnan and Evang-Lutharian Church Lowenstadt. Samuel 
>MANTIE would have had step brothers and sisters.I think Samuel also 
>had a brother Hermann MANTEI.
>Other names are Else FECHNER, Daniel FECHNER, Emanuel FECHNER, 
>Rosina FANDRICH, Gottfried FANDRIK, Moriama SCHINKEL and Johnna ZOLL.
>I have found lots of (conflicting) information on this family but 
>can get any concrete proof.
>Any help/advice would be appreciated.
>regards Margaret

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