[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Stamm Buch

Günther Böhm GHBoehm at ish.de
Mon May 5 16:26:37 PDT 2008

Susie Lewis schrieb:
> Since most of us do have Saints as well as Sinners in the Family, I 
> will go out on a limb.
> Ok, now to ask what some, including myself, are reluctant to admit:  
> What of those who did have distant cousins who where indeed in the SS?
> Since this was a distant relative, of course I do not have the Stamm 
> Buch in my possession.  Is there a place where one could look up 
> former SS men?
> Signed
> Me 
Hello Susie,
yes, there is. Since the SS was the armed branch of the nazi party 
NSDAP, SS-men are listed in the former Berlin Document Center:

    11 million record cards (90 percent) of the former NSDAP,
    about 600.000 record cards (60 percent) personal files of the SS,
    240.000 files of 'Main Department of Race and Settlement' (Rasse-
    und Siedlungs-Hauptamt) of the SS,
    1.3 million party correspondences,
    several 100 thousands personal files of the SA, the NS-Teacher
    Alliance (NS-Lehrerbund, the NS-Alliance of German Technicians (NS
    Bund Deutscher Techniker) and other NS organisations,
    information on over 2.5 million Volksdeutsche,
    Files of the Reich Chamber of Culture & Music, the Volksgerichtshof
    and of Gestapo offices.

See www.bundesarchiv.de/aufgaben_organisation/abteilungen/reich/00340 ,

    Berlin Document Center
    Abteilung Deutsches Reich
    Finckensteinallee 63
    12205 Berlin
    Tel.: 01888/7770-411
    Fax.: 01888/7770-111
    e-Mail: berlin at barch.bund.de


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