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All these places appear to be in Volhynia which was a province of Russia
during the 1800's.  This region is in the northwest corner of present-day
Ukraine.  Your Rouno or Rocno is probably Rowno, one of the main towns of
Volhynia.  Nezpodzanda is probably Niezpodzianka, of which there are three,
I, II, and III, located a little northeast of Tuczyn (or Tutschin in German)
in turn located northeast of Rowno.  Wolinien is a German spelling of
Volhynia.  Between the world wars, the western half of Volhynia including
Rowno and Tuczyn were in Poland, and after World War II the area reverted
back to the USSR and eventually Ukraine.  I don't know about Tarnawka - it
may be in present-day Poland rather than Volhynia.  Most of the Germans who
settled in Volhynia after about 1860 previously lived in Poland.

The website http://www.odessa3.org/search.html shows some Hartwig people 
living in Niezpodzianka prior to 1885.  These are the Lutheran church BMD 
records for Volhynia for the period 1830 to 1885 which are held by the St. 
Petersburg Archive.  You may find some of your grandfather's family in these 

I hope this is helpful.
Dick Stein
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> In the family Bible it stated my grandfather, August Hartwig, was born in
> Nezpodzanda, Post Tutasin, Russia in 1889.  In another place it lists his
> being born in Tarnawka, Poland. Does anyone know where these places are?
> Or if they still exist as I can not find either place.  A brother, Johan,
> was born in Rouno or Rocno, Wolinien, Polland c1895.  A sister, Amalie,
> was born in Volynia in 1886.
> Thank you.
> Shirley Hewat
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