[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] anyone heard of Lacnoknok in Volhynia?

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Further to Rose's suggestion, if you search the name Abram arriving in 1927 
you will find the Franz and Bertha Abram family.  The spelling Abram and 
Abraham are often interchanged.  They are listed as from Russia, so possibly 
they are from the eastern part of Volhynia which remained within Russia 
between the world wars.
Dick Stein

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> Cynthia
> A search on the following webpage may show the arrival date of the family.
> http://www.collectionscanada.gc.ca/archivianet/immigration-1925/index-e.html
> A Microfilm reel number is given on which you can find the passenger 
> lists.  You might be able to have your local public library order it by 
> Inter Library Loan.
> The passengers Lists from 1925 to 1935 contain detailed information, such 
> as place of birth, last place of residence, who they left behind, etc. 
> etc.
> Rose Ingram
>  From: Cynthia Barry
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>  Hello to all, I'm researching a journey taken by my German grandparents
>  and their six children who fled their family farm in Volynia, left all
>  their possessions and emigrated to Manitoba around 1930.  On my aunt's
>  citizenship papers the name of the place given is Lacnoknok Volhynia
>  Russia.  Two of the six children have passed on, and the memories my
>  aunts and uncles share are those of when they were small children.  I've
>  tried researching but have not found any name that sounds similar.  Of
>  course, the translation could be wrong...
>  My grandfather's name was Franz Abraham, he was a blacksmith who had
>  apprentices, his wife's name was Bertha.  My dream is to go back one day
>  and find where they once lived.
>  Any information provided would be so appreciated.
>  thanks so much,
>  Cindy Barry
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