[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Gohl/Hoell descendants #2

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Sat Nov 1 08:20:53 PDT 2008

Oops! I accidentally hit a wrong key and my email got sent before I was
finished. I will finis the information below. Sorry about that!

Hello All -

I'm trying to enlarge the sibling list of one of my g-grandfathers. The
information I have is as follows:
Johann Friedrich Gohl
       born 29.Dec.1828 in Povschin, Gostynin, Poland
       died Jan.1916 Astrachan (by Orenburg)
      married 23.Feb.1848 in Plock, Poland
Sara Hoell (also spelled Hell or Holl)
       born 04.Oct.1823 Biala, Plock, Poland
       died after 1885 Kremianke, Volhynia
Their children (the information I have so far)
1) Ferdinand (my ancestor) born 29.Oct.1850 in Povschin
2) Johann (any further information unknown)
3) Anna Wilhelmine (aka Minnie) born c.1853 in Poland,
       married 08.Sep.1872 Jakob Schmidt born 20.Feb.1843 Lipinski,
Gostynin, Poland
       8 children
4) Dora (aka Dohrle) (any further information unknown)

So the specific question is if anyone knows anything about Johann Gohl,
about Dora Gohl, and about any other children Johann Friedrich Gohl and Sara
Hoell might have had.

Any further information gratefully received.


Rose-Marie Haddad

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