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Hi Don,

I am glad you are benefiting from membership in SGGEE.  Regarding your 
villages, I can tell you that Mostki Warzymowskie is about 15 km NW of 
Sompolno, Poland, or some 125 km WNW of Warsaw.  I don't know Pamiatka, but 
it must be in the same area.  I am interested in the surnames you have from 
Mostke Warzymowskie as several of my lines lived there before moving on to 

Dick Stein

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I have joined this week and have just started to enjoy the wealth of 
information on SGGEE website.
I am researching Jahnke and Jedel families.
I have questions regarding finding villages in the Volhynia area.
I have found village refernces on the Hamburg passenger Lists as well as the 
Volhynian Polish databases which I would like to locate on a map in 

Pamiatka, Radziejow, Bydgoszcz, Poland 1865
Mostki Warzymowskie, Radziejow, Bydgoszcz, Poland 1862
Seefelde Zifeld , Volhynia 1882
Kissilinka , Volhynia 1885

Cecow , Russland - Hamburg Passenger Lists 1892
Sabilno , Russland - " 1890

What would be the likely mode of travel from Cecow to Hamburg in 1890 ?

I would appreciate any help.


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