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Karla, Janecki/Janiecki, feminine form Janecka, is a common name in the
Michalki-Rypin parish with at least 22 entries from 1816 to 1865.  I don't
know if the name is the Polish form of Janke.  However, I looked at both
sets of families in this parish and I saw no evidence of the same family
appearing with both names and the villages they lived in were also
different.  That is not proof but implies that in this parish the names were
likely different.

Earl Schultz
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I have learned that one of my ancestors, Samuel Fietz, was married to a
woman named Justina Janecka. I obtained this name from a record of the birth
of my g-grandfather in the Lublin Lutheran church records of 1870. The
family lived in the village of Voitsekov, Lublin. Since this record is in
Russian, I am wondering if the name "Janecka" might be the same as Jahnke in
German. Does anyone have suggestions? I have not run across the name Janecka
anywhere, so am thinking it must be a Russian form for a different name.
Karla Walters

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