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This is sort of off-topic, in that I'm wondering about this for "the rest of
Germany", specifically in Wuerttemberg. Is there such a thing as lists of
surnames for specific towns? I'm having trouble making out a surname (and
some of you reading this will laugh - you know who you are), and I'm
thinking if there were a list of surnames, in this case from the town of
Birkenfeld, I could compare, and get a better idea what the name might be. A
sort of "cheat-sheet". Are there such things on the internet?
Thanx in advance for any help.

Rose-Marie Haddad


What is the surname as you think it might be spelled?  You could do a search
in the Germany phone directory at http://www.dastelefonbuch.de/ for the name
(click on English on the top bar), doing an "Expert Finder", and checking
the block for "also find similar names".  Might work.

Let me know if you have trouble with the directory.  There are a lot of
Birkenfeld locations.  Do you mean it is the one in the Wuerttemberg area of
southwestern Germany?  If so, that is one of the town locations that is
shown on the choices, Birkenfeld, Wuert.  With u umlaut instead of ue in the

Good luck.

Joe in Texas

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