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Hi Cathy   There are two versions of Legacy (Standard and Deluxe). The Standard version is free and is excellent. A few years ago it was recommended to me by someone at SGGEE because when I sent in my family file using Family Tree Maker it was scrambled after importing it from GEDCOM.This cannot happen with Legacy. I am completely impressed by Legacy now and would never go back to FTM. It has a function that allows you to select anyone from the file and then Legacy will calculate how that certain person is related to everyone else in the file. The relationship is then inserted above all the names of everyone in the file with a blood connection and in Version 7 (the latest update) it also tracks non- related relationships as well. I had to have the Deluxe version because it has a few extra "bells and whistles". I strongly recommend trying it (it's free so nothing to loose). Also, the search functions are outstanding.   Cheers Robert   
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Robert Hi, Can you explain to me what is Legacy? Is it free? Is it good-easy and allows all kinds of info on each family? I hear it mention before,but don't think I heard that it tells when you find a name that it tells you are related.That would be special ! Thanks Cathy

Robert Norenberg <robertnorenberg at yahoo.ca> wrote: 
I have been extracting one small village from 1550-1925 in Wuerttemberg. What surprised me the most was the fact that I was related to almost 95 percent of the entire population down through the ages. I use Legacy so it lets me know if and how I am related to any one person in my file. This was only one ggg grandmother's family and I calculated I had about 15,000 blood relatives (albeit many distant cousins). I can only imagine how many "relatives" we all would have if we were able to track every branch. In theory I always suspected we were all connected but this extraction project proved it for me. Cheers Robert 

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