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Sonnenburg is also a common name (about 21) in the Rypin-Michalki Parish
records.  Let me know if this interests you.



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My cousin sang this song at a family reunion, and I also thought of it when
you posted this query.

My GEDCOM program, Family Tree Maker, does charts that show relationships.

My family tree includes a female SONNENBURG ancestor born about 200 years
ago, so I've researched this name, and collected' all the  
Sonnenburgs / Sonnenbergs I found when looking at church records.   
During a trip to Poland in 2005, I found a headstone Zonnenburg that showed
how the name was 'Polishized' when the area was 'resettled'  
after WWII.

My Prussian ancestors lived in Posen Province (Poznan) and the Lutheran
parish records I looked at were Schokken and Revier.

Nancy in Minnesota

On Oct 2, 2008, at 10:24 PM, Leo Sonnenberg wrote:

> Thank you one and all for your responses to my query re family 
> relationships. Genealogical relationships have been a mystery to me so 
> the information is interesting and illuminating. However, as I was 
> reading your comments I was reminded of a pop song recorded by Guy 
> Lombardo in 1948, written by Dwight Latham and Moe Jaffe entitled "I'm 
> My Own Grandpa". The song is based on the following:
> A Proof that a Man can be His Own Grandfather.---There was a widow and 
> her daughter-in-law, a man and her daughter-in-law, and man and his 
> son.
> The widow married the son, and the daughter the old gentleman. The 
> widow was therefore mother to her husband's father, and consequently 
> grandmother to her own husband. They had a son, to which she was a
> great-grandmother: now, as the son of a great-grandmother must be 
> either a grandfather or great-uncle, this boy was one or the other. He 
> was his own grandfather! This was the case with a boy at school at 
> Norwich.---Hood's Magazine.
> You can Google the title and find several links that will play the 
> song.
> Leo Sonnenberg

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