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Gary Warner gary at warnerengineering.com
Mon Oct 6 11:59:15 PDT 2008


I am not familiar with that program, so it is not my intent to belittle 
it in any way.   May I ask if it will do the following:

1.   Will it FIND and truly MERGE data that is inconsistent between two 
records?   Most software will first not find records to merge unless 
they are truly duplicates in all respects.   And mot programs that do 
find such inconsistencies will then not merge the data, but carry the 
inconsistent data as an "alternate" piece of information, like an 
alternate birth date, etc..  This ability to merge is paramount if you 
are ever to import data from us or anyone else without winding up with 
many duplicate records?

2.   Does it use master lists for locations and surnames?   This is 
again an important feature if you are going to eliminate duplicate records.

3.  Does it have the capability to check your data for potential 
conflicts- like people with multiple sets of parents, births after the 
death of the mother, born after death, married before 13, etc.?

4.  Does it require names to be entered in one field, or does it have 
separate fields for prefixes, given names, surnames, and suffixes?    A 
single field for name entry can work, but it most often does not, and is 
one of the main sources of problems with merging of data, since the name 
can be exported incorrectly, and then a person might have a surname of 
Jr. or Elisabeth.

5.  Does your program allow the entry of events in a manner that it does 
not combine event places and event activities into a single field?   
This is again another serious problem, since the export of data will 
move your event data into areas not intended.

6.  Will your program allow you to save a double date?   This feature is 
important when two sources of data have conflicting dates, and the 
ability to note such dates will usually cause you to pursue resolution 
of the conflict.   There are also valid reasons for a double date, as is 
the case if you enter in both the old Julian calendar date and the 
modern Gregorian calendar date in the same record.

Gary Warner

Sue Eipert wrote:
> On the topic of genealogy software, I would like to bring up Rootsmagic. 
> It is a full-featured comprehensive software, but is easy to use. It has 
> a very online active user group with close monitoring by its developer.  
> http://www.rootsmagic.com/overview.htm
> I am eagerly waiting for version 4.0 which is due out before the end of 
> the year. Many exciting features will be added - and are being gradually 
> described in the developer's blog. The developer has stated that anyone 
> buying version 3.0 now will be able to get v. 4.0 for free when it comes 
> out.
> I have no connection with Rootsmagic other than being a satisfied user 
> for many years.
> Sue Eipert
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