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There really is not much to recommend when one is stuck at a certain generation without a location to search.  Since Elgert is not a particularly common name, it might  be worthwhile to explore some regions where the name occurs.  In looking at both the Master Pedigree Database and the Parish Records Index, you will see that about the only other pre1860 location we have for that surname is the Lipno / Sierpc district.  You may want to check that.  You could also try pursuing the David origins.  The PRI does not show them in Lipno but they are at Torun which is not very far away.

I assume that you found, in the St. Pete records, the alternate spelling or mistranscribed variant of Eljert.

Note also that place names like Warwarowka are not parish names.  They are village names within a parish which, depending on time frame and that region, could be Zhitomir or Heimtal.


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> I would like some advice, if possible, on how I could locate 
> information on my gr.grandfather, Michael Elgert. I do not know 
> where he was born, but have been given the birth date of Dec. 
> 25, 1840; personally, I think he was born in Germany, but have 
> no proof of this. He apparently died in 1919 in Kiev. The 
> information that has been passed down to me is that Michael 
> supervised installation of machinery in mills; that he had made 
> several (?) trips to the United States, and on one occasion, had 
> taken back the first steel plow to Russia. Also, he was a lay-
> minister. He married 4 times: #1 wife was Rosina David, ( I have 
> no marriage date or place of marriage. ), but her death date was 
> 1867....he had 3 children with her; #2 wife was Amalie Schmidt 
> or Schmidtke, marriage date was Sept 20, 1867 at Zhitomer 
> Parish....1 known child with her; #3 wife was Amalie Wolter, 
> marriage date Nov. 6, 1869 also Zhitomer Parish....7 known 
> children with her....she died Apr 1, 1882 at Parish Warwarowka; 
> #4 w
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