[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Records for Landsberg Warthe: Jerry Springer

Paul Rakow rakow at ifh.de
Fri Oct 10 11:41:22 PDT 2008


      On British TV there's a genealogy series that looks into the
  family history of TV people. They recently had a very good programme on
  the TV presenter Jerry Springer, whose father and grandfather ran a
  shoe-shop in Landsberg.

      You might find it interesting, go to


  and follow the link "Find out how we did it",
  or go straight to


  for the page about Landsberg. (both addresses should be all one line - they
  might get chopped up in the email).

     The Landsberg page might give you some ideas about what is in
  the Landsberg archives,

          Paul Rakow
          rakow at ifh.de

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> From: Jim Stange <jjstange at gmail.com>
> Subject: [Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Records for Landsberg Warthe
>> Hello all,
>> I am having difficulty in finding a birth record for my Great-
>> Grandmother,Elizabeth Conrad.? We have her birth recorded
>> as October 12, 1895 in
>> "Germany."? The date is on several death announcements etc.
>> from when she
>> passed in 1968.? The family had an old map of Germany with
>> Landsberg Warthe
>> (Gorz?w Wielkopolski) circled and it has been verbally passed
>> down that this
>> is the town where she was born.? Several census reports
>> show Germany as
>> their birthplace, although one census has Posen crossed out and
>> Germanywritten in...? Another clue is that her name and her
>> parents, Anna and Emil
>> Conrad, appear in an address book for 1913 for Landsberg
>> although Anna and
>> Elizabeth emmigrated in June 1913.
>> When I queried the Polish archives for the area to look up
>> information on
>> this family with the birth date provided, they found
>> nothing!? I do not know
>> which parish they belonged to in Landsberg but I assume they
>> were all
>> referenced in the archive's search?? The Ellis Island web
>> site does not link
>> properly to the original ship manifest so I am unable to check
>> that source
>> for reference to a town name and I do not have a subscription to
>> ancestry.com at the moment to pull down the immigration
>> record.? Is it
>> possible that these Lutheran records for Landsberg are not at
>> the Polish
>> state archives?? The only other reason I could think of is
>> that the family
>> moved into Landsberg between 1896 and 1900 and the record
>> resides in another
>> archive.
>> Does anyone have any ideas how I may be able to trace Elizabeth
>> Conrad and
>> her family?? Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
>> Jim Stange

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