[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] FROESCHKE from Volhynia

Christoph my.mailbox.acm at googlemail.com
Sun Oct 26 02:20:33 PDT 2008

Hello everybody.
Maybe someone is able to help us.
We are looking for the family name " FROESCHKE " in Volhynia. Have anyone
seen this name in the microfilms ??
Specially we are looking for the name in relation with MANTEI.
Philipp FROESCHKE is the cousin of Christoph MANTEI * 1898 in Wincentow. An
aunt of Christoph married a " FROESCHKE "
The Froeschke family data in the SGGEE database has no relation to Philipp .
Unfortunately we don´t have further details of Philipp

Thks for help


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