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Hi Christoph,

I have an interest in the Froeschke name in connection to my Riske ancestors 
who lived in Anielowka, Kreis Lutzk, Volhynia, quite close to the Wincentow 
of your Christoph Mantei.  Heinrich Froeschke was married to Pauline Riske, 
almost certainly a sister of my great grandfather, Gustav Riske.  After 
Pauline died, Henrich married Rosine Lach.  There were many children and it 
is possible that Philipp descends from one of them.  You may find more 
post-1885 Froeschke names in the 23800xy series of microfilms which have 
Rozyszcze parish births to 1899 and marriages and deaths to 1895.  There is 
at least one other Froeschke family in the area, Johann Froeschke / Julianne 
Rux with daughter Pauline born in 1885.  The Mantei name also appears in the 

Dick Stein

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Hello everybody.
Maybe someone is able to help us.
We are looking for the family name " FROESCHKE " in Volhynia. Have anyone
seen this name in the microfilms ??
Specially we are looking for the name in relation with MANTEI.
Philipp FROESCHKE is the cousin of Christoph MANTEI * 1898 in Wincentow. An
aunt of Christoph married a " FROESCHKE "
The Froeschke family data in the SGGEE database has no relation to Philipp .
Unfortunately we don´t have further details of Philipp

Thks for help


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