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Günther Böhm GHBoehm at ish.de
Wed Sep 3 08:27:33 PDT 2008

AnnRosemaryK at aol.com schrieb:
> Greetings; In regards to this topic. I am a first generation American. My  
> parents although they spoke German would not let us kids learn any of it. Or  
> would they let us ask any questions about  their  being German.  There  is 
> french and polish in our family also..They came before world war  two to America. 
> SO they are now deceacesd and it is very hard to find a lot  of  information.As 
> far as trying to find even the actual true spelling of  my family   surname 
> is a mystery. It came from France, Loudion or  Loudvin. In Germany spelled 
> Lowin  Lovin, Lowien. So in parts of America  they pronounce it very diifferent. 
> Any help appricieated from the list members.  They lived in Babetia kries 
> sensburg and were Luthern , I have yet to find any  records from there.  Thanks: ANN

Hello Ann,
Lowin / Lowen / Lowyn is a village in the Schwetz district, former West 
Prussia. Its actual Polish spelling is Łowiń. You find it 27 km 
northnortheast of Bydgoszcz [Bromberg] or 15 km eastnortheast of 
Koronowo [Crone, Krone an der Brahe, Polnisch Brahe]. Likewise, the most 
occurrences of the surname spellings LOWIEN and LOWIN are from late West 

The Polish origin of the word is łów = chase.


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