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According to Kneifel, Luszyca and 5 other villages were served by the
Evangelical Reformed church in Sielec(north west of Luszyca below
Staszow)starting in about 1840; the Bethaus (church-school)was established
in Przeczow and in 1920 became a branch of the Kielce parish. The family
history library has the records recorded under Poland, Kielce, Sielec
(Staszow); 1875-1884 have been microfilmed under 1808841 it. 21-22 and
1808842 it.1-9; with Luszyca being situated so far from a Lutheran parish
church, the Lutherans may have registered their births in the nearby
Catholic church, especially in the early period of their existence.
Howard Krushel 

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I have found one possible match which would have been within Radom 
province at the time - Luszyce, which, given the tz sound for c in 
Polish would be a very close match in pronunciation to what you 
have.  It is, however, about as far away from the town of Radom as 
you can get while still staying in the province.

Use that spelling with 
http://www.jewishgen.org/Communities/LocTown.asp to find it on a map, 
just north of the Wisla River and east of Polaniec some 125 miles or 
so south of Warsaw.

Now the trick will be to figure out in which parish you will find 
records.  My best guess would be Kielce for Lutheran records.  Even 
that is quite far away so you may want to check nearby Catholic 
records as they may have registered there.

Jerry Frank - Calgary, Alberta
FranklySpeaking at shaw.ca

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