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Regarding "Cylkow," the -ow may be a case ending indicating she was "of the Cylkes".  One sees this frequently in Polish records.

Sometimes the linguistic changes to the names seem remarkable.  In the Plonkowo Roman Catholic parish records, the name "Hammermeister" is often Latinized to "Hammermagister."  For women, the priests then sometimes added the Polish ending -owa (wife of), thus yielding "Hammermagistrowa".

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> To add to the mix, research (mainly by my cousin) has
> identified our great 
> grandmother Maria with surname variously spelled as Cylkow
> (in a 
> resettlement record), Cylke (in a parish record) and Zulke
> (in an EWZ 
> stammblatt). She married Fryderyk Treichel. She appears to
> have been born 
> about 1828 (whereabouts unknown), died at Chmielewo,
> Pultusk, Warsaw 
> Province (sometime after birth of our grandfather Ludwig
> Treichel in 1864). 
> Parish records also record other earlier births  for
> siblings of Ludwig.
> This supports the discussion on multiple spellings of the
> surname and is 
> further interesting in that Gabin and Chmielewo are not
> that far apart so 
> the possibility exists that our Maria Cylkow and
> Leslie's Otto Cilke may be 
> connected.


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