[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Hundt's of Elizabetpol; Knull's

Renee Hundt rhundt67 at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 18 17:30:18 PDT 2008

Looking for as much information as possible on the Hundt family of Elizabetpol (I have located the german colony).

Michael (Michal) Hundt and Otilea Winkler (have nothing on them),  their children:
Karl Hundt (have nothing) born abt. 1905
Olga Hundt (have nothing) born abt. 1910
Efrom Hundt (Husbands grandfather) born Dec. 25, 1913

Efrom Hundt married Leokadia Knull (looking for much more on the Knull's as well), their children:
Emund Hundt (Leotina Renke)
Otto Hundt (Erika Hoeffer)
Gertrud Hundt (Wayne Walker and Jone Watters)
Herman Hundt (Virginia Klug - my in-laws)
Helga Hundt (John Bobb)
Elsa Hundt (Harold Sternard and John McCarty)

Leokadia (husbands grandmother) had one brother Paul who died with his wife and 2 sons in a wagon trail in WWII; his daughter, Elsa, was the only one to survive.
Leokadia's sister, Elsa, married a Ziemmer and their father was Gustaf/Gustav Knull - no information on a wife etc.

Any help is appreciated:  Renee Hundt



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