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According to http://www.odessa3.org/collections/refs/link/villhelp.txt Heidelberg, Siberia was also known as Nowo Romanowka (= New Romanowka).  

According to that page, it is also associated with Snamenka (= Znamenka).  The latter is to be found about 63 km ENE of Slavogrod.  

Noworomanowka is located about 45 km NE of Slavogrod or about 24 km WNW of Snamenka.

You can find all 3 places using http://www.jewishgen.org/Communities/LocTown.asp 


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>   As my grandparents were quite old when I was small that 
> is the thing I remember about my grandmother on my father's side 
> the most.  The dish that you just described.  It was 
> potatoes and homemade noodles were added and then drained and 
> then both were fried in butter and onions.  It was 
> wonderful, but the name that you describe was not what they 
> called it.  They were Germans from Russia and  I have 
> looked for that recipe for years and the name right at this 
> moment escapes me.  I am sure it was just the regular 
> noodle recipe with egg, salt and flour.  I have kept that 
> taste locked in my memory and will never forget sitting at her 
> table and loving it.     Their history has 
> been so difficult for me to nail down, but I believe they lived 
> in a village called Heidelberg in the province of Slawgorod or 
> Slavgorod in Siberia, but originally were from Simonsfeld, 
> Austria.  Their names were Gottlieb and Rosina Koehler born 
> 1870's or so.  If that rings a bell to anyone please let me 
> know. It's 
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> foodHere is another spelling-food sleuthing that might interest 
> some of you: My aunt talks about something called (spelled 
> phonetically) Choco Kilke  (plat deutsch where choco means 
> potato and kilke means dumpling) Apparently you cook potatoes 
> and leave the water in, then make the dumpling (likely egg, 
> flour and water or milk--not sure if it has baking powder) and 
> then add the dumplings to the potatoes, cover and cook until 
> dumplings are done.  This can then be served with fried 
> bacon and onions. Looking forward to someone with first hand 
> knowledge of this one before I add it to the recipe book! Rita Lyster
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